Laura Busch, CNWI

K9 Nose Work Instructor and K9 Event Organizer

Laura has always had a passion for dogs. In 1999 Laura started, like many people, by taking basic classes with her own dog, Seneca (a rambunctious Chocolate Labrador). Laura and Seneca really enjoyed their classes and training time together. In 2007 Barley, a Weimaraner, joined the family. Barley not only was rambunctious but needed a job to do. Laura and her husband Chris not only trained him for obedience they were introduced to an up and coming new sport (K9 Nose Work®) that would keep Barley mentally challenged.

Laura has been very active with K9 Nose Work® since 2007 and has watched and volunteered as this sport as it has grown nationwide. When Laura first started K9 Nose Work® she and her husband co-handled their Weimaraner (Barley), but came to realize that it would be better for Barley to communicate with one handler rather than two. In 2010 Laura started training their second Weimaraner (Heidi) in K9 Nose Work®.

Laura?s passion for this sport compelled her to learn more about canine behavior. She spent several years volunteering her time with the behavior and education department at her local shelter to learn more about canine communication and helping with programs designed to increase adoptions for the animals in their care. Because of her passion for helping people, and their dogs, Laura continually attends seminars and workshops on training and dog behavior.

Since 2008 Laura has been helping to coordinate K9 Nose Work® trials in Southern California, acting as Trial Host, Trial Representative and/or Volunteer Coordinator. Laura has been involved with volunteering at many trials in California, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Minnesota.

Favorite Breed: Weimaraner
Has been owned by: Weimaraners and Labradors