Our Story

From Instructors to Scent Work Experts

Rock Solid K9 was founded in 2011 by Nicole Reusser-Hillbrecht, following her leave at another training facility in California. It quickly became a go-to facility for new and experienced canine handlers looking for professional training and support and has been growing steadily since. With the addition of local obedience classes and a variety of K9 Nose Work® courses, Rock Solid K9 has been able to cater to different types of handlers and dogs, from the lazy couch potatoe to the highly active working canine. Chris and Laura Busch joined the Rock Solid K9 team in 2012 as certified K9 Nose Work® instructors and have been an invaluable part of our group since.

We are constantly expanding our schedule and locations and are excited to be able to offer more seminars, workshops, classes and events - and we are looking forward to hold competitions, trials and mock trials in the future. Rock Solid K9 continues to stand for quality, professional and grounded training.